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When you say Yes to more in your life, you will begin to wonder why it took so long for you to start in the first place!

The Activated Woman promises these 6 activation keys to upgrade your current reality, to a fierce and driven feminine force like no other!


Activating your Energetic life force!

Understanding the CHARMing dance between the masculine and feminine energy


Building a strong intuition and self love compass


CHARM your intuition so you powerfully upgrade your heart voice, that creates space for you to grow your own self belief, trust and love


Creating a powerful mindset for growth, happiness and freedom


Let's reprogram your inherited stories, limiting beliefs and self doubt that in preventing you from feeling free, adequate and the woman you want to be


Creating Habits that don't suck


Rewire your existing habits, stories and thoughts so that you can fiercely align your daily habits with your soulful abilities


Use your voice and communication with power and influence.  



Create powerful influential communication strategies that elevate you from blending in, to being in the spotlight, so you can bravely ask for more with style and grace




Using your 5 strategies that now allow you to CHARM your journey all the way to CEO of your life and desires


Learn how to recognise when you are being rewarded for your efforts and learn how to magically manifest more.


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Isn't it time you allowed yourself to be Activated?

As a mum of two energetic boys, and owning multiple businesses, I understand the struggle us mum's have when it comes to our working out our own identity.

Am I wearing the right hat - or even, what hat am I meant to be wearing?

We are living in the constant struggle between being the wife, partner, mum, daughter and sister.  We are living in a time that provides us with the most opportunities ever - yet we are paralysed by fear of making the wrong choice.

You've felt unheard, unseen, and really want someone to love you for who you are.  It seems so simple, yet so silent at the same time.


You know this is not for you; you feel stress, resentment, and pressure. The flame of your passion is almost out and the things you used to love and enjoy is not there anymore.

It's possible to get it all back! Your inner Goddess is alive and it is time for her to be seen and heard again!

You might ask yourself, “can I do this?”, “do I have time for this?”, “will it work for me?”

If you're here, your soul and emotions guided you — it’s our compass!

Say “yes” just this one time for yourself, and watch those questions turn to “anything is possible!”, “I believe in me!”, and “surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult as I thought!”

Let me help you unleash your doubts, so you can learn to love yourself with the fierce intensity you so desperately crave!

My name is Claire, three years ago, I transformed myself from what I should be doing, to what I love to do.


 I have gone from a resentful, burnt out, corporate working mum to a freedom-fighting, present mum, who is working smarter than ever before! 

I have implemented the strategies within coaching events, all from the experiences I have lived in my lifetime.


I am the living proof that you can unleash and allow your fierce inner goddess out, and live a wonderfully present life all while fulfilling your own self love and self trust wishes.

I was once in a moment where I had nothing left for myself. I started asking myself, “is this how I want to live for the 20 years?”

I saw others enjoy their life and I began to feel resentment towards their lifestyle and achievements.

I told myself, “there's got to be more than just this busy life revolving around everyone else and the things that don't even feel truly important to me.”

You know what, I turned it around. It was difficult, but I walked away from what I knew; I let go of certain things and left where I was comfortable but not growing.

I felt lighter. My relationship with people changed; I was in the present and more genuine. I never rushed again, had more time to listen, not just react.

I became present for my children. We grew closer, I never missed any of their events. I was even able to grow my network of school mums who had the same frustrations and guilt as I did.

  I believe that every woman deserves someone to believe in them; This is what drives me to share   everything I've been through in a realistic and relatable style.  

  I want to hold your hand and walk beside you towards the greatness that is waiting.  

I know there's so many doubts and thoughts going on inside your head... “Is this just another thing I have to do?”

But ask yourself this, just this one time...

“ But what if I did do this and felt the best I've ever felt?”

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what other's have said...

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I really enjoyed working with Claire. If you're thinking about working with Claire - Just do it! Don't hold back.

Claire is wise beyond her years and break it down so simply. You won't regret it, I couldn't have imagined the amount of personal growth I received from the program.

Jump in and let Claire guide you.

— Sarah Cunningham

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It's great to reassess when you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle he nest steps. I honestly had no idea I actually needed this until the first workbook. That's where I realized I needed this.

— Marsha

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I don't want to miss putting down anything in this group because it is amazing. So many things about legacies!


— Aliesha Carstairs


Thank you. Such and amazing course lead by an amazing woman. Cannot recommend enough! Struggling with barriers you don't even realize exists; Claire helped me smash these!

— Sarah

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Lovely, I want you to think about this quote:

“ We all get what we tolerate.

Nothing changes is nothing changes.  You won’t feel the wave of relief if you decide this isn’t for you.  Nothing you have now will improve if you have decided you are not worth the investment of time or money.

You won’t grow your friendships, leave toxic habits behind, or go for your dream job.

You will be on the hamster wheel that you are experiencing right now. And that’s ok - if you’re happy to settle here.

Or are you ready to step into the you that you long and wish for?


Inspired Lifestyles by Claire Burt, 2023

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