Why you are more than "just"

It's inevitable.

There will be a time when you reside to a loss of identity, loss of clarity, direction and confusion as to which hat you are meant to where and when.

It's happened to me multiple times. More noticeably when the boys were born, and my independence succumbed to tiny humans on a three hour routine. My confidence fell as our youngest didn't like sleep much, I felt I couldn't do anything right by him, and it was easier to hermit at home and slowly move through each day, in sloth mode, doing the bare minimum. All while avoiding the point of returning to work which seems to fast forward quite quickly.

But, the disappointing thing, is the lack of self belief that we are more than JUST.

I speak to so many women, mothers, business owners, stressed out corporate workers, who have lost their ability to ask for more.

We are more than Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters, Workers.

Who are we to ask to for than what we have? How ungrateful must we sound? What will everyone think of me, if I ask for more than what currently is?

It's extraordinary to think, that as we get older, we feel we are less entitled to be who we want to be. We become so burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed at being everything to everyone else, that we forget who we are.

We don't allow ourselves to dream, allow ourselves to feel and allow ourselves to feel. It's an exact contradiction to what we tell our kids each day. We preach to them, that they can be anything they want to be. Yet, we deny that right to ourselves.

So I ask you, are you ready to break out of those self imposed shackles and really live an inspired life on purpose?

It's only a brainstorm away. Get a piece of paper out, write out what you really would love to do if: Money was no barrier

Time was no barrier

Then work in small amounts, in the time you have, towards the dream life you want.

Sorry to break it to you, it isn't going to magically fall into your lap, on a diamond encrusted platter.

You are going to have to work for it. But hey, it will be well worth the effort. And just think of the accomplished feeling you will have knowing you have accomplished something you wanted to do.