Why I show up in make up during lockdown

Six months. March 2020 to October 2020.

Work from home, school from home, shop from home.

The dream I once had of being allowed to wear active wear and ugg boots everyday has well and truly worn off.

Lockdown promised a slower life, a chance to indulge and a chance to disconnect from a life that seemed so chaotic.

I soon found myself shying away from "making an effort". The mum bun became a staple hair style and I decided fresh faced and no makeup was the new me.


I know! How bloody ridiculous!

Now I am far from a supermodel/influencer. I don't have the glamour filter down pat and my effort is more forced than effortless that's for sure!

Lockdown 1 had me chilled and a clear "meh" attitude towards zoom calls and presenting myself.

Lockdown 3 however, I knew I needed to lift my game. I had worked so hard building my online business over the first lockdown period, that I was being asked to show up more. I was involved in more training calls and gave my first keynote presentation.

So I embraced the #zoomuniform Top half immaculate! Hair and makeup on point! Eyeshadow and eyebrows even done which I think was a first for me in my entire 37 years!

Bottom half however - pjs and uggs for sure!

But what I noticed more, was the happier I felt by getting ready for the day. I missed the morning rush of getting ready mixed with kids chaos. I started swapping my scrunchies for my curler and got better at earring selection.

I started showing up each day as a #bossmum and my results started improving. I felt more engaged and felt more active in all the day to day activities.

It actually felt nice to come home and take my face off - rather than wondering what day it was and how long since I had my face mask on!

So embrace the change! Put a face full of makeup on!

Don't let the lockdown blues take over! Get into that work routine now! Even if it is to walk to the dining table!