When I grow up, I want to be the boss, so I don’t have to do any work! Or a nurse, because I like taking care of people!

Who would have thought, the seven-year-old me would have her wish! Except I take care of tiny mini me’s instead of sick and unwell people, and I have more work to do now I am the boss!

There is so much I have learned in growing up. I say I am still growing up, as I am always learning, always evolving and really don’t feel that acting my age is what I am born to do. My grandmother was a free spirit well into her late seventies, so I have it in my blood to keep living in the moment and never taking myself too seriously! Although, the occasional self-proclamation of “Don’t you know who I am” still has no relevance on my kids. At all – not even an eyebrow flinch.

But there is a huge distance between being the boss and being a leader. If you’re from a corporate employment background, you will be resonating more than others with your numerous Leading with Impact and DISC profile training! (steadiness and compliance, thanks for asking!)

Times are definitely changing, even more so with the current workplace changes and remote working becoming the norm, leadership is the most defining role and sector that is going to have the biggest impact on roles and employees. How many times have you left a job or role because of your boss? People leave bosses not roles. Simple.

The caveman engrained in our DNA requires us to feel apart of a tribe, requiring us to be liked and included to avoid us being rejected. Danger comes when we are rejected from the tribe as we lose our life support of warmth, shelter and food.

Similarly, we all want to be wanted. We all want to be fulfilled and told we did a great job. I did that for almost 20 years. In that time, I went from working on my own in my own role to full department/team management and board reporting! It was hectic. Days filled with meetings, high on way too much caffeine from walks to the local café, and then the quick sit at my desk to be interrupted by walkers by. For someone like me who needs structure and needs to tick off a list – this wasn’t helping me feel accomplished or like I made a difference.

But my team (in networking now and in past corporate experience) needed me much like my kids need me. They need to know you’re there, not standing over them, but there in case they need. Reassurance, comfort and presence. So much of today’s employment spaces are emotionally fuelled. There are so many different cultural backgrounds and personalities, so much work is done to make sure no one is left out, hurt and excluded. What that does, though, is take away your teams right to empowerment and adds red tape.

Modern leadership must change to the ever-changing work style we adopt. Whether you run a home-based biz, work for yourself in an offsite location or are in a corporate leadership role, you need to have full trust in your team and from your team. Gone are the days of the open plan cubical. We are all working remotely. Family flexibility is essential to paying the bills, your mental health and ensuring you keep up your role as PA to your kids hectic social and sporting schedule. If you can’t trust that your team are working when they say they are, there is a vibe you are giving off that is possibly sending your upline the same message.

My advice is this. Go easy on you. Listen and be brave to follow your style. You are always going to step on someone’s toes whether you mean it or not. There is always going to be someone who is annoyed at you because you used initiative and did what they wanted to do, just sooner and better.

I am direct, passionate, and warm. Three qualities that seem to contradict each other but work. I have multiple businesses that I manage and much wear all three hats at each and every conversation, pitch, and networking opportunity I have. These qualities are attracting a super tribe of mentors, leaders, and coaches to me that I am learning from each day.

You are meant for growth and change. You are meant to be different from who you were yesterday.

Stop trying to fit into yesterday’s box – there is a diamond waiting for you tomorrow!