When are you going to open your eyes?

It’s not an accident. It is meant to have happened. It may have taken a lot longer, you may have had a journey that took the scenic route, but you’ve done it!

You have made a commitment to embark on a new journey, a new project or even a new habit to make a positive change to your current environment.

But, while everyone else is seeing your potential, applauding your achievements and cheering for you, you’re sitting there downplaying everything you’re entitled to receive. That self-worth, negativity and struggle to receive compliments is toxic – and if you’re not careful, you will actually drive people away from you rather than, welcome them into your network.

It seems ridiculous, but I know that this is 100% true. How? Because it is how I feel sometimes – but I used to feel it all the time. I downplayed my achievements, said “yeah good” when people asked made sure that wall was watertight when I was meant to be networking and receiving compliments.

I’ve been struggling with this thought process for a while and, with the help of my amazing team, have pinpointed that I have a fear of success. Not the usual fear of failure that most people have, I have that covered and am not worried about it not working out at all. I have a fear that my achievements, my hard work, my greatness will be seen, noticed and applauded. For such a long time ( and I still struggle sometimes) I couldn’t accept it was my ability that people were congratulating me for. I didn’t think I did anything exceptional. I thought I was doing was everyone else did. The overworked, burnt out mum, didn’t realise that this behaviour wasn’t anything to be proud of.

It was when I immersed myself in my beautiful empowering community, did I realise I was actually bloody good at this. I had found my niche. I was on the right path.

I mean, how could it be wrong? How could I meet new people, feel a connection and have them listen to little old me, and resonate with my journey.

It wasn’t until this community allowed me to lower the wall, did I realise how conditioned I was.

Conditioned to have people tell me what I wanted to hear. My ego allowed that to happen throughout my entire corporate career. The people pleasing and fears of disappointment and being seen, allowed others to use my work and claim it as theirs. Simply because I didn’t have the balls to speak up.

Not now. Not ever ever again.

Now I stand tall - even if I am on my own, the most comfortable I have ever been in my 38 years. I know the gift I have been given – and I now know how to share that gift with fellow mums, to make their lives more impactful, calmer, clearer and confident.

That’s something to be proud of and something to be complimented on!