What If It Works? Overcoming fears of success

If it works it works, if it doesn’t, then I can always get another job. I won’t know unless I try.

These. Exact. Words. I said to myself two years ago as I convinced my head that leaving a cushy job for a dream would be the best thing for me.

Have you ever done it? The self talk dialogue you have to pep you up for whatever flip of the coin choice you have. We do it so we don’t get disappointed. We have been taught to not get our hopes up, that not everyone can win.

I call crap! Absolute rubbish.

We are all winners in life – we succeed in a myriad of different fields with our own spin to make it worth the journey.

But it does nothing to encourage dreams. It keeps us planning for the problem and the worst-case scenario. It would seem that we have lost the art of dreaming and going after what we want.

We have ideas. We source samples. We write content.

Then we chat to those around us about it – they love it – and we freak out!

Enter those voices of fear again! This time, you say to yourself – what if this works? Will it mean I will go back to that burnt out, resentful mum? Will I go back to losing my time freedom? Will I be busier than I want to be and lose the freedoms I now have?

These voices grow over time, procrastinate, and delay us from doing the work, and we overwhelm ourselves with the “stuff” that we don’t go ahead with it, and then complain with the usual excuses as to why it didn’t work.

But what if you’ve walked that journey, learnt the lessons and felt all the feels for a reason?

My biggest tip for you is this:

You must believe with every fibre of your being that this is what you want to do. Believe believe believe!

What if all of what you went through, was setting you up for the life you want and are dreaming of?

Imagine that side of the coin for a sec. You’re actually meant to go through this and STILL have everything you ever want.

Isn’t that worth succeeding for? Isn’t that worth being noticed and celebrated for?