The Ripple Effect

What does Personal Development mean to you?

I recently asked this question to my Facebook audience, and I was in awe of the responses I received. There is a clear need for us as busy working women and mothers to keep pushing and forging ahead. Asking ourselves, what else is there that I am capable of in my life.

But what I noticed, was that it is so overwhelming with the number of articles, coaches, and topics, that where do you possibly start and the need to get your investment right from the start. Busy people hate their time and money being wasted, so we need to know we are equipped well from the start.

For me, personal development is the chance to learn more about the REAL me. Not Claire the wife. Not Claire the mum. Claire. What are my triggers, what are my strengths and more importantly, to be immersed in a safe community where I realise I am actually not broken at all, it isn’t my fault and maybe, just maybe, people need to understand me more to find more about me.

So, once we have decided that the status quo can’t remain – what do we do? Do we trust Google? Or do we ask Suzie at school to recommend someone? The funny thing about answering this with my clients is that there is no right or wrong answer. You don’t know where to start if you aren’t even sure what the world of Personal Development even is.

When I developed my new coaching resource, The Resilience Project, I knew I wanted to give more value and over deliver. I wanted this to be the taster to what Claire Burt and the Inspired Coaching program is. I didn’t want to hide behind big words, fancy graphics or out of touch content.

I wanted The Resilience Project to be a program, where busy mums could come to, order the resource and take it home. No zooms. No trainings. Just a beautiful box, full of affirmations, habits, and resources to help mums put themselves first, make their mental and physical health as a priority - while being around uplifting, clear and calm messages to help them put one foot in front of the other in their personal development journey.

I wanted a calm resource that mums could take home and implement in their already busy schedules that wouldn’t add extra stress or worry.

Why is this so important for me? I know the ripple effect that working on yourself as a working mum has on your family and friends. I know what the other side looks like. The inclusion, the discussions, and the acknowledgements that yes, you are only 1 person and that maybe the role of Martyr needs to be retired to make way for the Queen you have bursting inside you.

Once I started really looking at my traits, my behaviours, and my stories - my whole world changed. Totally spun 180 degrees.

It no longer became a joke or funny when I sat meditating early in the morning. I no longer got the scoffs and sniggers when I write affirmations or had my coaching calls in the living areas instead of hiding away in the study.

I felt it was easier for me to truly implement my new habits as I wasn’t being teased as I normally would have. I was so used to people rolling their eyes at me when I went off to Yoga, meditation and reading – that I didn’t realise I had built a wall up and didn’t share any news with anyone. I honestly thought people didn’t care what I did – so I went about my business anyway.

The ripple effect is massive! Your attitude and energy change so drastically that you automatically become infectious and someone that draws people towards you.

You become interesting to others – and you start to become interested in others in turn. This is how you make an impact in the world today - with self-belief, love, calm, clarity, and confidence.