The most essential life skill – Self Belief

Self-belief should be a subject at school. Don’t worry about algebra or maths methods (unless of course if that is your jam!) – we need to be teaching, coaching, and leading our generations in the art of self-belief and resilience.

Both go hand in hand with being able to effectively adult in the real world. It’s probably why we have to be so cautious in our conversations when we manage our people.

It’s a fine edge between over confidence and being comfortable and safe within your own belief process. So often, we come across overly confident people who just can’t read a room, a vibe, or a reaction. You know the ones; they are so full on with their views and opinions that you honestly can’t be bothered holding the conversation further to truly get to know them.

They seem to know how to draw the life out of everyone around them and you walk away so drained and tired. Let alone wondering if they even knew your name.

Life is all about collecting friends. Your aim in life is to end with more friends with more than what you started with. Even better if you’ve managed to keep these friends throughout all your life stages.

Life is better shared, experiences are better together, and you end up becoming an incredibly rich person for having lifelong friends with you – right beside you.

These people bring the best out in you, make you feel safe and have the ability to be so brutally honest – that you know they have your best interests at heart.

These friends are the diamonds to self-belief. They have the ability to force us to look inwards and ask ourselves those hard questions about what we actually want from this precious existence we get.

This existence and resource should be protected with every ounce of energy we have. No one can or should take away your own self-belief. It all starts with you. You need to be the best gate keeper you can be. You control what you allow in, what you consume and what you allow your mindset to feed as your reality.

But how is that done in an effective way, that actually makes a difference? My top 3 tips to build you self-belief and keep it is:

1. Ask for help It takes a village, and it takes a couple to build you up. The questions here isn’t about how – it’s more about What level of investment are you willing to put up to embrace a different way and a deeper encouragement? Coaches have coaches. Billionaires have aides It’s meant to be a team effort in every step of our life You get out what you put in – but more importantly seek out help from someone who speaks your language and who you resonate with.

2. Write it down Dreams become a reality when we write it down – AND – get to work. It’s called hard work for a reason. Write it down and then head back to Step 1 and ask someone who has done what you want to do, for help. Place it everywhere. Make it a constant reminder so you never back away from the dream. Believe it is meant for you and you will find a way to make it your reality

3. Boundaries Learn how to set strong boundaries and also learn how to feel strong in your feelings of not feeling guilty about standing by your decisions. If you learn to honestly say No to things you don’t want to do – there becomes a freedom that settles over you. This freedom allows you to sink further into your own beliefs and dreams to really make that reality.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not expensive.

It’s all about teaming up with Your People to ensure they have your back when you feel like giving up.

Are you willing to invest in you and make yourself the most important person you know?

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