The Art Of Thank You

Diversions are great, aren’t they?

They get us away from traffic jams, awkward conversations and people that could lead us astray!

But what we are also super amazing at is, creating diversions and excuses that avoid us having hard conversations with ourselves, avoid us sitting with ourselves and avoid us accepting a thank you from either a stranger or a loved one.

We avoid the two words that are so important to us being able to receive the wishes and goodness we are working so hard to achieve.

We make up excuses “This old thing?” “Oh no, I haven’t, you must be blind!”.

Why can’t you just say Thank You?

Interesting thing happened to me recently. I caught up with my extended family after over a year and I was chatting about the changes and new women’s coaching business I have started since they’ve last seen me.

I have always struggled with receiving compliments and am someone who, still to a small extent, don’t truly appreciate the journey I’ve made these past 2 years.

I’ve been working really hard on uncovering what lead me to not being able to receive compliments over the years, as I really feel this is the last element that is really holding me back from being able to be seen and heard professionally.

I had multiple conversations that weekend, all with a wide range of family members. Some didn’t understand my job now, some wondered why I needed another business that was mine, when my husband has a perfectly good one already (!)

But some were genuinely proud, happy and complimentary in my progress. I allowed myself to listen intently and reply with Thank You, I really appreciate it.

Then something shifted and changed.

This warmth inside my shoulders grew and I finally found that acceptance I had been looking for.

For the past forever, I had been looking at people to recognise my efforts. For people to actually see me for my own abilities.

But what I didn’t realise was, that I needed to see and recognise those efforts myself. I needed to sit with the pride myself and tell myself I was proud of me.

Boom! Then everything changed.

No one will do the work for us, change our perception for us or even save us.

It’s 1000% up to us to do that work first and foremost.

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