Secrets to Activating Your Feminine CEO

Hands up if you’re struggling to lose that voice that speaks so loudly that says

You’re not good enough You’re too busy She is better than you Good girls don’t do that You should be grateful for what you have

It seemed for me, that the magical unicorn of Work/Life Balance I was chasing was almost impossible.

I thought, that all I needed to do was do what everyone else was doing and it would just appear for me - just like magic!

Boy - how was I wrong!

Over the past 3 years, I've been riding the overwhelm, burn out, anxiety train, all while still presenting as Claire.

It's been a struggle - a struggle that I know other busy women, who are just like me, manage to cope with - or so it seemed.

I created Activate Your Feminine CEO as a resource to nurture and embrace busy women, all while being the tough voice of reason to get them back on track to where ever the heck they want to go!

My new 6 week activation series has launched and I recorded an info session on what to expect, my coaching style as well as the topics we cover.

Activating your feminine energy isn't hard - you just have to be willing to step into the maybe!

Watch the video below!

To register your interest and secure your place, please click this link: Activate Your Feminine CEO - Mindset - 6 Week Immersion Series - Women's Lifestyle Coaching - Australia (