Resilience Project 2021 Launch

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We are so worthy!

Take a look at my profile, my bio and my About Story.

Now take a look in the mirror,

What do you see? What is your instant feeling when you look at what I do, then back at your stunning reflection? Let me guess! I can’t do what you can do. I don’t have the experience you have. I’m just not good enough.

Are you kidding me? You honestly think you’re not worthy? That you are not deserving of more than what you currently have? When did you learn that fear? That thought that because you are working or have a family (or both) you are not worthy to ask for more, to feel deserving of the riches we have available to us?

It is true that as we venture though our journey as a woman, we lose ourselves sometimes at multiple points. But it’s our resilience and effort that pull us through to be brave to ask for what our hearts truly desire. Next week, I am launching my Resilience Project 2021. A practical self care package for Queens like you who are wanting more, but are stuck on the HOW.

So, what’s included in the Resilience Project 2021?

  • We will build your worthiness: I’ve put together practical daily habits, to give yourself that 15 minutes of self care each day, to help you build your emotional resilience. Also, while prompting your sub-conscious that you are in fact a powerful Queen!

  • We will build our health and reduce our anxiety responses: A month supply of the incredible pink drink Elite to help keep you focus, stress free and filled with clean energy to start seeing yourself as the incredible Queen you are!

  • We will build your community: You receive exclusive access to my coaching group Living Your Inspired Life and as a bonus, to my exclusive customer Facebook group 28 Day Boost. Feeling included, connected and that you are perfect as you are, is our mantra in the group

  • All for $129! (That's $249 worth of products!)

If this is something you need stat, then now is the time to contact me directly ( and let’s get your Resilience Project started!

No point in waiting for the right time, as it’s never going to be perfect. Starting is the best time to start!