Office Reno Rumble

Who here just loves watching home renovation shows? We are The Block addicts, and I find myself being such a harsh critic - and feel I have no idea what style is when I hear the judges give their feedback!

We renovated a few years back and I really didn't enjoy that at all. I think the builder we had (in hindsight) really wasn't the right fit for us and the length of time (while being pregnant with Dyson) kind of worked against us.

So when the chance came along for us to fit out our factory space - I felt like such a big girl! I am a budget queen (to an extent) so really like seeking out sales and bargains. (it's a European thing I think!)

Living with an exceptionally talented graphic designer, I know I'm way out of my depth! Give me a profit and loss report and I'm your finance nerd 1000%! So I've learnt the art of letting go of control and just trusting the process. (a whole lot easier said than done I tell you!)

Imagine my excitement when I got to style my own 3.2m x 2.8m office the way I wanted! Eeeeekkkk!

I totally went marble, pink, brass fittings and beautifully crisp white walls!

Lockdown here in Melbourne has retailers shut down so I took full advantage of this by checking out clearance sites and

My whole fit out - desks, chair, pendant, bookcase came in under $1200! 7 items under $200 each is an absolute win for us. I usually resign to the fact I don't get exactly what I want, due to the cost or worrying what others thought. But not this time! I indulged and have everything I have wanted. I now have an oasis to plan and work. A space where I can close the door, turn up Whitney and work away building my empire. I cannot wait for 2021 - both boys at school and I have a space away from home that is truly my own.

The items in the picture are all in my office - reach out ( if you would like the list of retailers and websites!

Check out my Instagram ( for full reno pics