Nothing was meant to be easy

Urrggg....I can't be bothered!

I don't know know how many times a day this phrase crosses my mind! I'm sure the universe tries to trip me up into some bad old habits!

I've come so far from the burnt out, zombie mum from 2019.

But I won't lie, it isn't easy to stay bubbly, proactive and focused. Especially at this time of the year, when I am feeling a little more tired than usual.

So, take small steps and make sure you are checking in with your community/gal pals each day.

Making an impact on people, doesn't actually need you to invest an enormous amount of time or money to make yourself and others feel good.

I have a team of 13 people who are sharing and making people feel good each and every day. We are creating a tribe of people determined to break up with stress, the hamster wheel, one day at a time. It's all about being a good human without a hidden agenda.

But actually having time to do something for ourselves, that doesn't work for our dreaded 9-5 psyche.

Invest time into a group who you actually resonate with. There are so many out there - find your people and you'll never be alone again.

I make sure to pop a message into our group chat when I'm feeling a little flat - not for a pity response - but because I know my fellow Queens will know what to say to get me back on track.

If you are struggling for that community - my door is always open. I've learned the hard way and the wrong way. Doesn't mean you have to!

This lifestyle we are determined to create, is not an exclusive group. We are always welcoming new freedom warriors. The only pre-requisite is that you are as brave and determined as us to try something new, learn and break up with being uncontrollably busy.