Letting You Down – overcoming fears of disappointment

I grew up with the fear of disappointing those around me running wildly through my veins.

I preferred being yelled at if needed, rather than have someone disappointed in me or my efforts.

It set me up for 36 years of people pleasing and towing the line as I knew what my place was and what the expectation was for me.

It allowed me to have a successful corporate career that allowed networking and collaboration opportunities – I was the Yes Girl after all!

It also taught me to downplay my emotions and never ask for more. I had to be grateful for my life and not sound stuck up.

It made me second guess myself all the time, struggle on making a decision and never offer healthy opinions or discussions for fear that someone would think differently of me and not want to be my friend anymore.

But, something inside me yearned for more. Yearned for change and excitement. Even if no one around me understood this idea. I knew I had to go for it as I didn’t know if this opportunity would ever present itself again.

It meant I would disappoint people, break away with expectations. But I knew in my heart it needed to be done. I wasn’t here to be normal or mediocre.

I am here to be exceptional and inspirational. I am here to become a revolution for those who don’t believe it in themselves.

SO, how you ask?

I had to build that self-belief to be the strongest muscle I had. I had to listen to speakers, to business people and to meditations that allowed my emotions to come to the surface that I didn’t know I was pushing down.

When I believed that I deserved this life, I started daily habits that was going to take me from stuck and quiet, to empowered and influential.

I no longer believed my actions were selfish. I no longer worried about upsetting the apple cart and people driving it.

I knew I was going to be ok. Nothing was going to hurt me. I knew I needed to take the chance – I am a smart woman. I never took risks – but I knew I couldn’t play small either.

Disappointing people isn’t the worst thing in the world. I no longer felt that I needed to watch my words. If the people around me didn’t like what I was doing or saying, then that was their issue to deal with. I didn’t change my ideal plans to suit them.

Did I lose people along the journey? Yes. But there are still a tonne of people walking with me that are a source of inspiration.

The point – don’t worry about those that don’t want you to succeed.

There will always be people not happy for you, who don’t understand what you do for work, an who are just generally unhappy within themselves!

Stay close to those who make you smile and stand taller. These are the gems that are worth it!