Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!

Sometimes it feels that I am more Dory than dolphin! I constantly forget why I am walking into a room, wonder where I left my phone, and wonder what was I doing!

It can be hard to stay on track - especially over the summer holidays with the family home.

I've made a conscious effort these holidays to make them the best six weeks the boys have had! (It's going to be tough to beat with our European adventure in 2017)

I've been to the movies, the city, pool play dates and day trips where I have had the best time, let alone the kids!

It's hard to feel energised in the mornings, and I know for a fact, the Claire from 2 years ago would NOT have been as bubbly, as eager and as willing to spend the money and spoil my kids like I have.

The Claire from 2018/2019, would have said No first, made the boys come second, and made everyone else a priority. Because she wasn't brave enough to believe in herself, and allowed people to take her for granted.

Fast forward two years and my lifestyle is so much more positive. I say Yes more, worked less and spent far less time on my phone and more time being in the moment with the boys. Present in real time. Not stressed. Not angry. Not resenting the time with them because of the pressures I faced.

It didn't happen overnight.

But I now have daily habits that I need to "achieve" by the time my bedtime rolls around! Moving my body, fuelling it correctly and reading are all habits I do each In and around my boys. I keep them in my habits, so they understand that, while everything I do is for them, I need my own space for just 30 minutes for me.

Adding 1 thing to improve the quality of your lifestyle shouldn't be expensive and definitely shouldn't been too hard. Start by making a tweak to your diet or water intake. Move your body each day for 30 minutes. put your phone to bed an hour before you head to sleep.

These small changes will have a much bigger impact that you realise!

I would love to hear your habits and how they've helped you!

Feel free to email me - I'd love to connect!