It's ok, maybe next time!

Resilience is a non-negotiable in business, and life!

You're going to hear a bucket load of No's before you even entertain the idea of a Yes. It's all apart of the process, we know that. But it still doesn't make it any easier to keep getting up and moving forward.

I've recently been working through all the feels associated with Imposter Syndrome while I've been working on my branding and business. I've had a few events that I prepared for, did the inviting work for, only to have two people show up (and one was my mum!). It's so hard to see that light, when all you do is feel like chucking in the towel.

Once the disappointment starts, the floor gates open and all those voices, fears and questions started coming up. "You're not good enough, you can't do this - you don't know enough. They all know you you can't do it so why waste your time".

It had me in a funk for a few days and I succumbed to the procrastination and completely avoided my to do list entirely. It was easier to admit maybe these voices were right, rather than out my big girl pants on, and get to work.

I've always been a determined woman. Driven to prove peoples beliefs of me wrong and show them. A complete lover of the Underdog story. The little man must win.

But sometimes, I can't see the HOW, and my perfectionist comes out and puts a big fat stop to my plans.

But the feels don't last forever, and it got me thinking - I can't be the only one who feels like a fraud. I chatted to my mentor and she had been feeling the same. So a major energy shift is about to come, and this is the icky feeling that always come before the breakthrough.

I wanted to support you, stand with you and share some tips that helped me see the gorgeous rainbow at the end. It doesn't have to be this way - but you definitely need resources to get you through the dark clouds:

  1. Meditations One Giant Mind ( is brilliant (and FREE) Short, sharp and punchy meditations that really shift your energy and instill that inner glow and defiance that Yes, you are amazing and can absolutely do this! Also available on IOS and Android too

  2. Learn the lesson and implement new strategies Let's do a fact check on the story you are telling yourself. Is it really true that you're a failure? Really Really Really True? Of course not! It's January, it's summer holidays, and I probably didn't promote and speak to enough people. Learn from this and make the changes for your next event!

  3. Community I check in with my team, my mentors and my community almost every day. I don't feel embarrassed anymore to voice my truths or hide behind the "I'm Fine, It's Fine" anymore. It doesn't serve me any good, when I revert back in my shell and withdraw. Most importantly, it's not the level of leadership example I want to set to my team. Vulnerability is ok, just make sure you use it to enhance your superpower!

These are the tricks I coach. I always relate it back to a personal experience I've had. This allows the real world experience that provides calm, clarity and comfort we need more of these days.

Disappointment isn't a bad feeling. Just don't sit in the swamp feeling bad for yourself for too long.