It's just a Gut Feeling

The gut never lies!

Too much spice, too my wine and awkward conversations are all lead by the gut first!

There have been many studies into the link between the gut and brain recently, with most finding that the gut acts as a second brain, and is in fact, the main control centre for our moods, inflammation and anxiety levels.

I've recently found out I am sensitivities to gluten and lactose, so I am currently on a discovery journey to reclaim my health, free myself from migraine and joint pain, all while having the energy of a 5 year old!

I had suspected that there was an imbalance somewhere in my system - but without defined reactions and symptoms, I wasn't able to get an accurate test to confirm.

Recently I was introduced to a brand new test taken from my cheek swab, that unlocked so many secrets my body was holding onto. So many lightbulbs went off when I read my report. So many OMG moments. But now I am much clearer, as I now have a report - along with a clear nutrition report especially for me.

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