It’s all a load of B………………………….

I know right!

I have sat in on that many personal development sessions during my corporate life – that I knew the drill. Casual dress, coffee and notebooks. Oh, and the toothpicks to hold open my eyes while I strain to pay attention and get some value. Oh and then to have to remember how that is actually meant to improve my job, make me less busy and more productive. I’m still waiting to see that happen if I am truly honest.

But when you mention personal development to someone on a personal life level – I swear that you see them glaze over with magical fairies start dancing in their heads – similar to how Homer had the donuts dancing in his head during the Simpsons.

The power of working on yourself, teaching yourself to slow down and to harness the power of positive self-talk in HUGE.

Like I mentioned in my Project Resilience launch last week, no one is here to save us. We have to save ourselves ladies! If we aren’t flooding our bodies with positive noise, fresh water, sunlight and good nutrition – how do you expect the riches of a healthy mind, body and spirit to come to you? You wouldn’t feed a primed Olympic athlete junk and expect them to perform a PB would you? So why are you not taking on board all the healthy habits to get the most out of your day? The side effects of living a more balanced lifestyle are a no brainer.

  • You get confident in your skin.

  • You know your boundaries and recognise your triggers.

  • You say No when you actually mean it.

  • You make time for you – as you would for a healthcare appointment.

  • You learn who actually supports you – and who is just tagging along for the ride.

  • You become comfortable on your own, with your own thoughts and know that there is power in the quiet

  • You learn to say Stuff It and don’t worry about people’s responses to why you are on your own path.

  • You Glow

So why are you still not investing in you? Why are you still not recognising that it’s not healthy to keep operating at 150% anxiety all the time?

You body has signals it is trying to tell you. But if you aren’t listening – mainly because your Ego is telling you otherwise – then what hope do you have of having the life you only dream of.

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Are you willing to work on a new path – towards the lifestyle light that will relieve the pressures you feel right here, right now?