It's a Boundary, not a Wall!

Have you ever wondered how those working mums do it?

You know the ones. The ones who make it to the sporting and school events, remember the notices and permission forms, the ones who remember the lunches before the mad rush out the door.

There is no unwritten rule, no secret mum code to achieving the balance we often spend years searching for.

I spent years searching for the code, the formula or even the framework that I needed to have the happy work/life balance. I thought it was something I could download and put into practice each day.

It wasn't as simple as that.

I had to somewhat suffer to reach my breaking point. Be used, relied on, under appreciated time and time again until I actually realised it was me, not them.

They didn't know any better. They were just doing what their management told them. I thought they liked me, appreciated me and were looking out for me.

I lied. They weren't. They didn't.

So I sat there for a year, resenting everyone, feeling the rage and all those sneaking entitlement feelings we feel. Didn't they know who I was? Boy, they'll miss me when I'm gone!

Then I found hope, found a "get yourself together" coach and started looking deeply into those feelings and why I felt like that.

I was asked multiple times "Yes, but is that true?".

Wow! What a question! Were the stories I was telling myself true? Hand-on-heart true?

Heck no! I was the common denominator in each of the stories and it had to stop! I wasn't going to do all the things I dreamt of, if I didn't take full responsibility for my role in the drama that was my life!

So I set to the homework, stopped saying yes and really enforced those boundaries of how I wanted to be treated going forward.

I was judged. I was put to the side. It changed some of my relationships. But what I learned was, that those that stuck by me, those people who are still hold my hand now, are the ones that are meant to be.

So I stopped wondering what I did wrong, and started being me. The walls came down, the boundaries remained, and I am the happiest I've been in.....forever.

I have free time, I have solo time, I have engaging client relationships, and the family time we have is the most present I have ever had.

So ladies, let those walls come down, but keep those boundaries tight.

Now is your chance to really demand how people treat you.

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