Is that it? Nothing else?

Do you ever have that feeling that there just has to be more than what currently is? Like you are meant for something more than JUST?

We allow fear and excuses to cloud our judgement and really detour us from what we truly desire.

We get stuck in the routine and expectation cycle that we lose the right to dream and inspire.

We get comfortable with taking a step back, blending in and resigning from what is rightfully ours.

I know how this game goes - I've been playing for many years.

But, then something eats away slowly, plants the seed of hope and you meet people. You start chatting, you start wondering and ask, what if!

I knew there had to be more than being Just a Mum. I knew there had to be more than JUST a wife.

So, I started working and reaching out to people for help. I asked questions, got scared and really uncomfortable. I worked hard at something I knew was made for me.

Instead of playing the same old record and whine story - I realised those past experiences HAD TO HAPPEN.

I needed to be pushed, to be broken down in order to build myself into a relatable woman that made an impact on my fellow Queens.

Tell me - is this you?

* Do you feel invisible?

* Do you feel like you're blending in?

* Do you feel disconnected and not really fitting in?

That was me. I struggled finding something that spoke my language.

So I created it myself! Living Your Inspired Life is a space for women to embrace our craziness, but a space where it stops!

We are here to make change and revolutionise!

Your struggle stops now!

Living Your Inspired Life and Project Resilience will nurture you to embrace your warrior spirit.

Are you ready to create the revolution with me? WHo has a Hell Yeah!