Inspired Lifestyles Learning Hub

Introducing the Inspired Lifestyle Learning Hub!

A centralised location for everything to support busy women, burnout working mums and women who feel stuck and lacking inspiration. Women who feel there is something that needs to shift and change, but their fear is holding them back from jumping in.

So, what’s included in the learning hub?

Currently I have 3 resources that I have created to gently ease overwhelmed Queens into the world of Personal Development.

It can be a scary world of YouTube, Podcasts, Webinars, and information if you haven’t done any personal growth work before.

Resource 1: Project Resilience Gift Box: A beautiful pink box filled with carefully selected products to enhance your mind, body, and spirit. Think affirmations, journaling questions, anxiety and stress support, and a sunstone bracelet to embrace our feminine energy. A great entry point to start gently in getting used to writing and improving your own self language.

Cost: $129, this is an affordable option to dip your toe in! It’s a great entrée to my course offerings below.

Resource 2: Unstoppable! Unstoppable is my FREE 3 day course that I help women overcome and break up with the excuses that hold us back from really living the life we truly deserve and want. I run these courses within my FREE Facebook group ( every 6 weeks. Joining the group is easy and FREE. This course is great to get a taste of my coaching style and my passions. I have been motivating people for over 20 years – so I know what style motivates people!

Cost: FREE

Resource 3: Breaking Up With Being Busy - 6 weeks course This is my biggest diamond! 6 weeks, exclusive 1:1 chats and a community like no other. Make sure you are apart of my Living Your Inspired Life community to be across the details and offerings:

Together, we will spend six weeks uncovering the following topics:

· Your Story

· Fears

· Positivity & Mindset

· Daily Habits, Organising your Urgent/Important List

· Boundaries

· Intention Setting – “when I grow up I will….

I have added a few extra goodies and bonuses to these topics as I honestly believe in overdelivering in value and making people feel loved and included.

Worth over $2,000 for exclusive content and 2 1:1 session with me for all my VIP’s.

Cost: $1,499 for those who are really ready to get unstuck, unmotivated and step into their infinite power.

There is something for everybody and I will continue to upgrade my content, training courses for everything new I learn.

Now, are you ready to stop the excuses and invest in you?