I Just Don't Know If It Is Worth It!

Do you feel the same? Hands Up if you feel like you keep forging ahead, trusting the process, yet, it seems like it is all pointless? It's ok I promise! There is a solution - but you are going to be brave in order to find that rainbow you are searching for. Here are my fave 3 tips to get back on track: 1. Speak up! Connect into your mentor, community, girlfriends and ask their thoughts. It is in us to want to belong - so allow yourself to be immersed in that community vibe to build yourself back up You're not the only one - so don't sit there alone waiting for your knight in shining armour to save you. It's up to you hun! 2. Get curious: Ask yourself WHY. Why do you feel like this. What are these feelings. What is the pattern here Self doubt and self sabotage cause havoc for us all. Only those willing to learn a deeper version of themselves find the beauty in life. Are you willing? 3. Get that pen out! Journal Journal Journal! You can't get out of your own head if you haven't written it out. Start writing out the feelings and allow yourself 15 minutes of just writing. No thinking or judgement - just let the pen write the words.

If you're still stuck after these 3 tips then lets have a chat and let me help you get focused.

Project Resilience resource will help you to find that clarity and regain your confidence that you are craving.

Trust me! I thought I could do this on my own. And I never had progress.

Let's work together to get over these hurdles together!

If you're ready to level up - comment I AM WILLING in the comments and I will help you!