How Many Hats Is Too Many?

Oh my gosh! I have so much to do! The kids have 2 parties, 4 sports and I haven’t even done the shopping yet! But yeah , I’ll give you a hand planning your best friend’s/cousins/dogs 1st birthday.

This sound familiar?

I see exactly what you are doing. I do.

I see you creating diversions, chaos and detours for everyone, so that you don’t have to address the real issues and reasons keeping you miserable and small.

Everyone else is in awe of your work ethic, of your organisational skills and your willingness to help out whenever they need. They are so appreciative of what you do and they let you know with adoration and love.

Do you want to know what I see?

I see a woman who is so unsure of herself, so afraid of allowing herself to dream and have the life she wants, that she has zero boundaries, is a dirty door mat, and is so unhappy and scared of how she allowed her life to turn out the way it has.

Am I right? Honestly – am I right?

Of course I am! Want to know why I know this in such descriptive detail? I was you! 2 years ago.

I loved the attention being “superwoman” gave me. My ego loved being told I was amazing. I loved fixing everyone else’s problems. I loved providing a solution for them – as it avoided the spotlight being shone on me and the myriad of issues I had. I did, infact, have more issues than Vogue – yet had mastered the ‘saviour’ role down to a tee!

But, all is not lost. You may have just had the biggest lightbulb moment ever! You know that feeling you have right now? That one where you are sitting, mouth wide open, slowly saying Holy Crap. That’s a great thing.

You need this realisation to know where you don’t want to be. You need a baseline. A starting point for the future.

I want you to ask yourself: What do you NOT want anymore? What do you NOT want to feel anymore?

This is what will save you from falling back into bad habits. Much like telling a child “it’s hot” and they don’t believe you until they’ve touched it for themselves.

It’s your time to work out what you want to do and feel in your future.

It’s time for you to stand up to your own BS, and decide that a new journey begins now.

You will set new boundaries, say No and mean it without guilt, and start making you the most important person in your life.

Are you with me in creating long lasting legacies that you actually stand proud with?

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