Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, How Are You!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through Week 1 of Lockdown 3.0. How are you feeling? What has this round of lockdown brought up for you?

I’m going to be truly honest here, I feel totally different this time round, not better and not worse. This lockdown is different for our business this time round and has changed the dynamics of our family household.

First and foremost, I’m feeling ALL the feels. I feel isolated, out of touch with my girlfriends, and there is a whole lot of “I have no idea what I am doing”. I’m trying my best to manage two businesses, new product launches, accounting and business operations and remote learning. It’s different this time. This time we have a knowing of what to expect. But what we can’t control is when the goal posts and rules keep changing on a daily basis. I can’t keep up with the changes. I’m tired of watching the press conferences. I’m tired of adulting!

I had plans this week to launch a new interview series in my women’s networking group, have my office at home set up to balance school and work, to “have it all organised” for the next six weeks.

I woke up Thursday and looked at my to do list and had a freak out. All the doubts came flooding back, I felt all overwhelmed at what I can’t do and felt my old procrastinations coming back to derail me. I had two team chats booked and a call with a beautiful new friend. I wanted to cancel them all. I wanted to crawl further under the doona and just give in to the world. Col was home, so I felt the boys were taken care of. I’ve earned this “day off” …right? Wrong.

My integrity and my standards needed me to wake up and wash my face. My team needed me to show up and reassure them that they’re awesome and that they are capable of working through their doubts and procrastinations. I may have been ten minutes late to my first call, but it was exactly what I needed. My extraordinary team leader made me feel calm and connected. We chatted about the kids and how they’re travelling with schooling. I helped chat through some doubts and forged a new comfortable path for her to walk, that would help work in with her home and family balance so not to overwhelm her schedule, and help her to be more centred and present with her boys. I checked in with my mentors and they get me. Don’t you love when you have a team of women who just know. They know the struggle. They know the exhaustion. They know when you’ve got a full plate and know when to ease the pressure. Having set that – they also know when you’re sitting with your feet on your desk and need a push!

How important is human connection at the moment!

I never thought I would miss chatting and messaging people EVER! I’ve missed the human emotions. I can’t hug my friends. I can’t see their smiles hiding behind their masks. Everyone has turned into a robot-like state and I miss a smile to a stranger. What’s getting me through the first 1/6 of this lockdown, is surrounding myself with like minded people. I’m not talking about the super positive people sprinkling their positivity glitter everywhere. I’m talking about the people who are with you, saying “yep I get you, but it’s not forever”. I’m talking about the people who know life is hectic, who know the kids are mental at home without their sports and friends, and who send you a message touching base.

These are the people I am aligning with during the future weeks. Those that just get me without making it about them. We know we all need a girls night out. We all hope that this happens at some stage this year, because let’s face it, remote learning with EVERYONE home for six months, deserves that night out without the kids!

My mission for you this weekend, is to reach out to your kinder, sport and school mums. Not in a group chat. One on One. The world is missing human contact. Genuine care and love. This message will be the greatest thing that could happen to your friend today.

It’s the gold at the end of a grey rainbow that will spark happiness to get them through to tomorrow!