Hi!  My name is Claire!  How are you?

How do you react when someone asks you to present at an event, or even live on social media?

Does it freak you out? Or are you someone who takes it in their stride? It took me a long time to effortlessly present and speak. I always worried what people and colleagues were going to say when I spoke. In the corporate environment, the politics and competitive vibe made people do strange things. People didn't respect their peers for speaking at an event. People resented people who took that next step. I continuously felt judged by those around me. I felt their eyes burning holes into my head each time I had to provide an update. I tried smiling, but in the end gave up as the blank faces weren't providing me the support I needed.

Since leaving the corporate space, people around me have encouraged me to step forward and share my story. Share how far I have come and share a story of what I had been able to overcome to inspire and connect with my audience. It hasn't been easy and its been a crunchy journey. The beginning was awful. I didn't look comfortable, I stumbled and I really didn't do a great job of connecting with my audience. I was trying to be someone I wasn't. I was playing the role of the sheep lost in the flock and aimlessly doing what I was told rather than doing what I wanted to.

It came across awkward and clunky. My results showed for it too! No one knew this person as I was definitely not the Claire that they were seeing on the weekends. I didn't even know why I was presenting. Absolute train wreck.

Then I employed people to help me. I changed my inner circle. I found a new cheer squad. I surrounded myself with people who wanted to listen to what I had to say. I stopped searching for that external validation from people who weren't cheering for me. I started looking at myself, my goals and my results.

The moment I started talking to my new audience, the game and my results changed. I stopped trying to talk to everyone on social media. I stopped pretending I had amassed a huge following. I started speaking in my live videos to just one person. I changed the language of my videos. I started being a little more real and a little more vulnerable. I let the kids interrupt me - it happens right? So let people see the reality of working at home.

Then I started attracting what I had been chasing. I attracted four new people. Those four people attracted their audience. My business was growing. By me being consistent, by me being real and being direct with my audience. I was also showing my team that it isn't complicated. That it was easier to share our stories and products without being forceful or in spamming everyone!

I gained confidence in presenting live and without any makeup I must add. I stopped doing what everyone else was doing. I started finding my communication style and I started showing up as her. I just did it with style and grace. I didn't dance around, I wasn't hyper. I was me. I was clear and you can her my excitement and direction in my voice.

People have enough #influencers flashing at them at the moment. They don't have a real mum, sharing her wins, her lifestyle and her success with them. There's no ego. No 'I'm better than you'. No 'it's now or never'. That's not my style. I don't do hype in real life, so why would I start now? I have all the time in the world for people. But I want you to work with me because it is something YOU want to do. I'm not here making you do something you don't want to. I'm not here just for the ranks. I'm here for the community and empowerment. There's no point to a ranking if you're people are leaving you after a year, because you forgot about them and disregarded them being consistent each day. Start by being gentle and clear. People are feeling uneasy and unsure at the moment. Be that safe space that is helping them to stop listening to the negative vibes, and to just start believing!

You just need one person. One person to listen. One person to try.

Start showing up each day and speak directly to that one person. That's the game changer!