Here, have a pom pom!

Ever been to one of those events, where there is a heap of “Woohoo” people that scream and cheer at everyone?

Yep – that’s most likely me cheering my team and pouring love into them after they’ve achieved a goal they didn’t think they could do!

I’ve been exposed to so many different events in my corporate and networking life, that I ended up being so confused as to when and who I was allowed to cheer for.

Negative people always muttered under their breath and hugged themselves that little bit tighter when any form of recognition was shown.

I distinctively remember one team build event, where I was being recognised for managing two roles (with one pay) and working 60 hours a week for a four month period.

It was April 2018.

I was recovering from laryngitis and was being made to facilitate team discussions. With no voice.

A slide popped up on the projector, with my name and thanking me for my effort over the four months and how grateful the team was that I did their work for them. This one incredible team player (insert sarcastic Sharon voice here!) proceeded to announce, that even though I had done well, had I not just been asked to do my job and therefore, why was I being given a gift for doing my job.

No jokes. Dead. Set. Serious.

I was dumbfounded and I was incredibly embarrassed that I was again given a back handed compliment in front of my colleagues. Thanks for stealing my light, my reward for effort and showing everyone what NOT to do when celebrating your team.

Let’s just say, “Sharon” hasn’t advanced in her extensive job role. Hasn't offered to expand her skills. Declines meeting requests and only rocks up at the Christmas drinks event for two beers. And, still complains the whole time!


I get buzzed for seeing people achieve the unbelievable. I see it as a challenge to grow someone who is resistant to their own ability and belief. Having said that, if you don’t want to work with me, in a healthy two way conversation, then I wish you all the best of luck. I haven't got time for people who play the victim and suck the energy away from possibility. To work with me, you need to have a passion for teamwork. If this is not you then have a great day! I am moving on.

Then this week happened.

We had 16 incredible women; title advance all in one week. Me included!

Every single one of our teammates had a special post created just for them. Each post was written with their own recognition and not made from a template. The wider team of over 200 people commented and congratulated them on their achievement, whether they felt like commenting or not.

This is the culture we breed in our team. There is a list of non-negotiables as leaders we always impose on our team . One of them is, that they must pop into the group and congratulate every win and cheer our team from the sidelines with every pom pom, sparkler and whistle they have.

Why is this so important to our culture? It would be so much easier to judge them, play the victim and then scroll on by, right?

Well, it reflects on our team by the language they use, that is the attraction that is driving record growth in our team at the moment. We are in the business of connecting, inspiring and making sure we are adding real value to all our customers and business partners. If you cannot cheer those around you, how do you expect others to be attracted to your brand and say yes when you ask them to join you?

So, ladies, grab your pom poms and make sure you are front and centre.

When your team walk the stage, with their name in lights and they are frozen with fear and anticipation, they need to see your face at the very front instilling comfort and bravery in them. They already have the confidence, but seeing you cheering, jumping, and squealing with excitement for them, is exactly what they have been missing in their day job. That is the attraction and community feel they need.

Not the crappy, half-arsed golf clap everyone else gives them!

Cheering and going nuts for your team builds excitement and is infectious for those standing next to you. You’re leading the way on what your team culture stands for and shows others what they’re missing if they’re not in your team.

Treat everyone in your team as a baby taking their first step. Clap and squeal to encourage them to keep going.

It might just be what they need to hear to keep persevering.