Do you Captain Your Own Ship? Day 3 Ignite Your Self Belief Replay -

What do onions, boundaries and tolerances have to do with the ability to Ignite Your Self Belief?

Imagine waking up to a life where you are completely in charge of your own destiny.

Where the only person who can decide how your day goes is YOU.

What would that be like?

How could it feel?

And what would that mean for those around you, too?

Join me on Day 3 of Ignite Your Self-Belief Masterclass as I share with you how you can be the captain of your ship and take control of your life, all while recognising who should get the sweetest part of you.

To dive deeper into this, watch the video below and ask yourself:

Q: How would you and your family benefit if you were intentionally brave? Q: What current situations would improve? What could you welcome in?

Q: What language would you use?

Q: What would it mean if you could take control each day?

Q: Who could you impact positively in your ripple effect?

Please submit any questions you have to and I will answer them in detail

Much love


Igniting Your Self-belief Workbook
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