Do you avoid facing your fears hoping they will go away? Overcoming your fear of rejection.

Don’t you just wish they would pick you? You know that you don’t want to be the last person picked on the team right!

Fear of rejection is a primal feeling. Its ingrained in us since tribal days. We were assigned roles, had tasks and knew our job. Everyone knew their role and their place. After all, they couldn’t object as what other option did they have?

Do the crappy jobs and stay safe, warm and fed.


Object and cause a fuss to have yourself a one way ticket out of the tribe. To feel cold, scared , unsafe and hungry.

But this is 2021 – not caveman days and we absolutely, 1000% have a choice to buck the trend and cause a fuss to change the lifestyle we lead.

People pleasing is the number 1 characteristic to keep you safe in the urban jungle tribe. Put yourself last, make everyone else feel important and being a Yes Girl is the prized title to any good People Pleasers. We don’t want to be alone, we don’t want to feel important and we want that gold sticker as recognition for a good job. We love being relied on don’t we.

But then resentment sets in. You get tired of people being lazy and you start questioning whether you actually are wearing invisible clothes and whether anyone can see you or not.

Do you feel the same?

It took me a good 2 years to learn that I had every single one of these qualities and that it actually wasn’t a good trait to have. I had the realisation that no one except for me had the expectation to be the chief people pleaser – and that they wanted me to chill and relax

So, how did I overcome this?

1. Know what you don’t want.

Have you reached your own rock bottom? Do you know what you don’t want to do anymore? Once I realised that I didn’t want to live like this anymore – I made the steps towards a new lifestyle. Your body will have an instant happy dance too! It will be so worth it!

2. Ask for help!

Reach out to friends, mentors, and coaches (me!) for help. There are so many courses, books, and experts – so take the time to chat and get to know them/. Your investment will determine how well you stick to your new lifestyle – so invest in someone who resonates the most with you

3. Do the work!

I to evolve through the yucky bits, the emotional outbursts, frustrations and cries. I had to listen to myself and others – this was tough! Every time you learn something new about yourself – it shows. Its gets addictive too – so invest in a program to teach you to find out more about you

Frustration, resentment and burn out are not proud qualities to have.

You won’t be kicked out of the tribe for wanting something more.If you are, there are tonnes of new tribes waiting to embrace you into theirs.