Breaking Up with Being Busy - the no BS approach

It's so not true! You so do have the time.

You're avoiding it right now! (As much as I love that you're here reading this blog with me)

Hands up if you've used the greatest line ever "I just don't have the time"?

But somehow, you lose at least an hour a day scrolling Facebook and Instagram. The mind numbing flick that, somehow, makes the clocks magically move forward instantly and causing so much panic when you've woken from the trance.

I've been a champion of this line in the past, passing up so many opportunities, coffee chats and networking chances because I couldn't be bothered trying something that was out of my comfort zone.

I'm also a serial list maker and love the chance to overwhelm myself with adding a decade's worth of work into a week and continue to complain to anyone that will listen, that I'm clearly far too busy for them.

Oh why hello the voice of my ego! Nice to have you here!

But there is magic in each day, opportunity in each conversation and possibility in each hour, if you're brave enough to break up with being busy, stop the need to do it all, and succumb to the possibility that you can let stuff slide and do something for you. To hell with the weight of expectation, self inflicted or not.

So, here is my magic formula that's helped me break up with being busy, make new friends and grow my online network and business:

  • Prioritise

Get a planner or diary. I am a paper diary girl, so I need to see my week and month in a glance. Pop all the important "must have" dates in. Appointments, meetings, kids events. You need to have a bird's eye view of your week in order to know when stuff needs to be done and knowing how to time block your day

  • Set Boundaries

Don't say Yes to everything. If that pit in your stomach is poking around, it's a sign for a reason. Boundaries are so important to protect your time and energy. How can you give 100% to all your important tasks, if you're constantly being interrupted or running around like a headless chook? Set strict boundaries and stand by them. No excuses or amendments.

  • Time Block

Set time in each day for business, mind, body, family. Setting aside time each day will give this sense of calm and relief over your mindset. You will actually be able to do MORE with your time, accomplish and tick more off your list and head off to sleep each night with a more settled mind.

This is how I have been able to change my whole outlook the past year. It may mean you need to get up an hour earlier to have that time for you - but something is better than nothing. Trust me!

  • Run Your Life Like A Business

How are you showing up?

Sloth or CEO?

You will always be the biggest investment you will ever make. Showing up as a CEO, even when you don't want to, will show your network you are the real deal.

Know. Like. Trust.

Hire and Fire accordingly.

Once you have mastered this step - the game will change forever, and you suddenly are able to attract a higher level in your network to help you grow

It's not rocket science. It's also not a race.

You do you. With honesty, integrity, style and grace.