Beauty Sleep Reimagined

Hands up if you are so confused as to what type of skin you have, let alone what product range is best suited?

If you are anything like me, you’re 37 and really tired of shopping next to 15-year old’s in the department stores! My skin is an ever-evolving organ all to itself. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes there’s acne, sometimes there is redness and there are some fine lines and texture issues going on. That essentially narrows it down to about every single product line available to us both in store and online.

Over the years, I have tried almost everything to undo the damage that acne did to my skin. I used top of the line products that nearly sent me broke. I resorted to cheap cleansers that caused even more damage. I succumbed to the fact that maybe good skin wasn’t something I was destined to have. Maybe I had to be grateful for what I had and that I had to let the skin stuff slip through to the keeper.

It wasn’t until I was 34 that I found a range and 3 products that meant I could stop shopping with pimply teenagers and start living life like a grown up that had facials!

Speaking of which, I hated getting facials! I loved the idea but hated them. I hated the beauty therapist commenting and recommending their range that “was the best thing for me”. (Insert eye roll now)

If I had a dollar for each time someone said to me, their stuff would be the one product, I wouldn’t be writing a blog post in a Melbourne winter! I would have a team writing this content and be in Bora Bora sipping endless Mojitos!

Every range I tried (including laser and dermabrasion) damaged my sensitive skin so much more that I had to almost give TV makeup a go to cover my skin. I am the laziest girl when it comes to makeup – so me using thicker makeup and needing to clean the brushes just wasn’t going to happen at all. Ever!

So, when I was approached to try a drink for my immune and skin health and two topical products by a close friend, I played the usual “yeah of course I’ll get some” card and tried it.

Before and after pictures were important, because I didn’t believe the products were working. I was, after all, expecting a magical wand to be washed over my face each night, turning me into the beautiful princess I was told would happen. I didn’t get the instant result I wanted. I did, however, relieve my anxiety, find energy to bounce around after my boys and achieve smoothness in my skin, I think I last had when I was 9 months old!

It still is the best product range I’ve used. I still keep up my monthly supply of the products. The results still shock me now. A product range aimed at helping grown women achieve clearer skin and less anxious feelings. It’s not too good to be true!

And the best part? There is no 12-step routine. I mentioned earlier I am lazy when it comes to skincare. If I need a degree in chemistry to learn the routine then, forget it. I’ll take my crappy acne scarred skin thanks!

My daytime routine is:

Wellness supplement drink to nourish and protect from the inside out – Elite from Ariix Corp Nutrifii range of supplements Daytime Barrier serum that is perfect under makeup and sunscreen – Rejuvenating Barrier from Ariix Corp NuCerity range of skincare

My night-time routine is:

Hydration Barrier serum that is perfect after a long day – Rejuvenating Barrier from Ariix Corp NuCerity range of skincare Breathable barrier masque skin technology – beauty sleep in a bottle! – Skincerity and Skincerity Renew from Ariix Corp NuCerity range of skincare

All information relating to Ariix and their products can be found at the following link