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Reclaim yourself!

Be the woman you want to be.
Learn how to build a life you love.

I know what it’s like to feel lost. One day you woke up and realised you’d become a shell of the woman you once dreamt of being.

When you look in the mirror you don't know yourself and that is the loneliest feeling of all. You struggle to define what woman you want to be because you haven’t given yourself space to find out who you could be. 

You, my friend, are the master of being busy. 

And it’s worked for you, up to a point. You have created the ultimate image – the “do it all mum” who looks like she has it all together… but inside it’s a different story.


You’re bored but have no idea what career path to take next. You feel limited by your current circumstances. There’s a communication (and passion) breakdown in your relationship and despite doing so much, you have Mum guilt for not doing more.


This leads to simmering resentment that makes you feel ashamed. Shouldn’t this be enough? But it’s not. Somewhere along the way you lost yourself. Dreams faded, self belief vanished, excuses became reality and comparison set in.

It’s left you feeling inadequate, unseen, unheard and unappreciated.


And now, you’re done.

You’re done with being just a mum, just a wife, just an employee.

You’re ready to reclaim your power instead of defaulting to others to decide how your life is going to turn out.

You’re not going to settle any more.


It’s time for you to build confidence so you can be free to create a life you’re passionate about.


It’s time to drop the mask.

It’s time to admit that you want more.


Because knowing that something needs to change is the first step to building a life you are proud of, that challenges you in the best ways, that has you demonstrate to your children what a woman is capable of. 


How do I know?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.


Hi, my name is Claire and I went from burnt out corporate Mum to living a life I truly love by doing the work that I now teach other women just like you.


For years when my kids were small I felt lost, lonely and guilty. I went to work in a job I hated. I felt disconnected from my husband. I wasn’t showing up the way I wanted to for my boys (even though I knew I was a good Mum).

And then one day, I decided enough was enough. 

I invested heavily in myself. Personal development changed my mindset and I began to unpack all the stories, self identity and societal BS that had me in a rut. I freed myself to go and create a prosperous life that I love. It saved my relationship, it opened me up to new possibilities, it made me a better, more present Mum and it has brought me back to myself. And now, I have the honour of guiding other busy Mum’s through the same process.

You deserve to live a fulfilling life.

You deserve a career that you love.

You deserve to be loved and cared for.


And I understand that you might’ve tried some things in the past and they haven’t worked (maybe they even made you feel worse). 

Working with me is different because I have been in your shoes and I have helped dozens of women just like you, come home to themselves.

You will be actively encouraged to forge your own path, not expected to follow mine (or anyone else’s). That’s what makes this mini-course series so empowering.


Let me introduce you to…


A three part mini-course that invites you to become curious as to why you compare yourself to other mums, why you allow resentment to lead your emotions and why you feel disconnected and lost as a woman.

When you sign up for IMPERFECT you’ll get…


  • 3 live masterclasses full of life changing content!
    This is also your opportunity to ask me anything live on the call so I can tailor the content to your specific need


  • Story Telling - I’ll be sharing 3 experiences that helped me draw that line in the sand to finally leave behind my inadequate stories, that caused me to bury my head in the sand when my life was falling apart.

  • Recordings of all masterclasses I get that you’re a busy Mum and you might not be able to attend live so you get unlimited replays!

  • Supporting resources like journal prompts so you can really embody the learnings and see sustainable results


All you need to do is REGISTER FOR FREE!


Yep, for FREE!

Why for free?

Because I understand that you need the first steps. And taking those first steps is scary as all hell. I remember. Add money to the mix and it’s a really good excuse for you to say no, stay the same and keep repeating the same patterns.


I’m offering you this FREE mini-course because I know the power it holds to get you motivated enough to make some changes. This is your opportunity to find some confidence, clarity and belief. This is what I wish had been available for me (believe me I spent a lot of money on courses that did nothing!)



Be sure to sign up TODAY because we are only running IMPERFECT live once and if you’re not registered before our first session, it will be too late.


What you’ll learn


Session 1 - Kill The Comparison
It’s time for you to stop wallowing around in your resentment, guilt and invisibility. Become aware of the paradigm you have created around yourself to reaffirm this comparison in your reality.



Session 2 - Break The Habits
It’s not everyone else’s fault you aren’t in love with your life right now.  Learn what you can do each day that is going to rewrite your life script away from self doubt, resentment and loneliness.


Session 3 -  Breathe in the Confidence 
You are not broken - it is all a little difficult and overwhelming for you at the moment.   How would your Part 2, Chapter 1 begin - knowing you felt safe, confident and powerful to dream big, live with purpose and be grateful for the moments and emotions you feel?



  • You’re ready to build a life you’re proud of

  • You want to be a more present Mum

  • You want to have a passionate relationship with someone who loves and respects you

  • You want a fulfilling career 

  • You no longer want to feel like you are failing in your ‘roles’ as a mum and wife

  • You want to be less distracted by what others are doing, and focus entirely on you

  • You want to know what you can do to rebuild the broken pieces around you to feel loved and passionate

  • You want to embrace your imperfections, and not feel guilty or ashamed of your quirks

  • You want to learn how not to feel guilty for living life for you

  • You are ready to peel away the shell of inadequacy you have placed around yourself



I want to join the mini-course,
Sign me up!

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