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Let me introduce you to…


A three part mini-course that invites you to become curious as to why you compare yourself to other mums, why you allow resentment to lead your emotions and why you feel disconnected and lost as a woman.

When you sign up for IMPERFECT you’ll get…


  • 3 live masterclasses full of life changing content!
    This is also your opportunity to ask me anything live on the call so I can tailor the content to your specific need


  • Story Telling - I’ll be sharing 3 experiences that helped me draw that line in the sand to finally leave behind my inadequate stories, that caused me to bury my head in the sand when my life was falling apart.

  • Recordings of all masterclasses I get that you’re a busy Mum and you might not be able to attend live so you get unlimited replays!

  • Supporting resources like journal prompts so you can really embody the learnings and see sustainable results


All you need to do is REGISTER FOR FREE!

What you’ll learn


Session 1 - Kill The Comparison
It’s time for you to stop wallowing around in your resentment, guilt and invisibility. Become aware of the paradigm you have created around yourself to reaffirm this comparison in your reality.



Session 2 - Break The Habits
It’s not everyone else’s fault you aren’t in love with your life right now.  Learn what you can do each day that is going to rewrite your life script away from self doubt, resentment and loneliness.


Session 3 -  Breathe in the Confidence 
You are not broken - it is all a little difficult and overwhelming for you at the moment.   How would your Part 2, Chapter 1 begin - knowing you felt safe, confident and powerful to dream big, live with purpose and be grateful for the moments and emotions you feel?

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