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Stop fitting in around everyone!

Start making yourself the only priority, so those around you benefit from your confidence!

Create a life you feel you can thrive in, not just exist in!​


Stop being all things to everyone else - start being everything to you!​

You are here because you're tired of feeling left out all the time!

You feel so unsure about what you want, that you are busy being busy and have mastered this as your expert skill.

Perhaps, like me, you are a perfectionist and prefer to keep wandering aimlessly through each day, not even knowing what day it is or even how you got here.

But, you are also a mum, who wouldn't be accepting this behaviour from her kids.  So why are you allowing yourself to behave this way?

From a burnt out corporate working mum, to a thriving mum who now gets to lead women on their very own inspirational confidence journey, as she discovers who she truly wants to be. 

I am here for all women who feel lost, misguided and stuck by legacies, stories and circumstances they can't break free from.

It's not about what you have.

It's about what you do with what you've got.

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I've learnt that confidence comes from only you, and what you bring to the table.

Life is all about magic, presence and feeling free!

Hi!  I'm Claire!

Have you ever wondered, what if I gave it a go, what could I be?


As a mum of 2 boys and wife to a talented tradie, I know the pressure to find something that sets your soul on fire. 

Life can be mundane, and before you know it, you get to 40 and wonder what the next 40 have in store.
Do I want to be like the women in my family before me? Or, am I willing to be brave and experience exceptional change for a life I have only ever dreamt of.

These were the questions that I had, the day I resigned from my corporate leadership role.
Filled with emotions, burn out, anxiety and a feeling I had nothing left to give, I walked away from that life with no job.

I walked away from the only real identity I had ever known.

If I didn't have a job - what am I?  What kind of mother would I be?

All I knew, is that I couldn't live that life anymore.  I wanted inspiration, passion, love, community.

So, instead of pretending it would all get better, I created that myself. 
I grew tired of waiting on people and for people.

3 years later, along with too many tears, tantrums and disconnections, I am proud to say I am stronger than ever, loved more than ever, and am living a life I wished someone to create for me.

My wish for you, is that you allow yourself to be guided by my experiences and learnings, to see what could be possible for you if you entertain a new idea, passion and experience.

I know the struggles life can bring - I have lived them. 10 lifetimes over, some would say.

But what is better than having these experiences, is that I am now able to share these with you.  Wholeheartedly, soulfully and with every ounce of truth.

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The Awakened Woman

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A monthly membership for women to take back their time, their focus and thrive in their families, relationships and careers.

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It's time for your confidence to take the lead and shine!



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